Purpose Fulfilment Life Skills Programme

Our purpose fulfillment programmes take participants on a journey of identity and purpose exploration as well as strategic life planning. Programmes are agile and adaptable to audience and objectives. The Purpose Fulfillment Life Skills Programme is a holistic one year experiential programme which includes four months of structured purpose discovery workshops and eight months of mentorship.

The main aim is to support youths answer these key questions:

  • Who am I? – IDENTITY
  • Why am I here? – PURPOSE
  • What am I worth – POTENTIAL
  • Where am I going? – DESTINY
  • How do I get there? – PLAN
  • What am I worth – POTENTIAL

At the end of the programme, the key expected outcomes are:

  • Every youth discover purpose & making a significant difference in their community, nation, world.
  • Every youth have a written strategic life plan.
  • Every youth purposefully employed or actively pursuing a career path in line with their calling.
  • Every youth engaged in impactful mentorship relationship.

Key Activities and Topics in the 4 month Purpose Workshops include:

  • Identity exploration and identification.
  • Purpose exploration and identification including gifts and strengths assessments.
  • Life skills training and experiential learning activities.
  • Emotional intelligence and coping strategies for stressors.
  • The digital world to support pro-social behaviours.
  • Strategic life & career planning.

After four months in structured workshops, youths are mentored for eight months by committed professional mentors who support them to get started on implementing their life plan by providing any necessary guidance, support, encouragement and accountability.


  • To interact with and get acquainted with the youths
  • To connect with the youths on a deeper level and deepen relationships
  • To engage the youths to be part of the purpose fulfillment programme
  • To lead the youths in a self-discovery process – who am I?

    why am I here?
  • To explore with each participant the different purpose fulfilment pathways & opportunities
  • To help each participant get to a place where they CHOOSE their purpose fulfilment pathway
  • To help each participant write their purpose fulfilment/life plan
  • To provide practical tips and tools that will equip participants to deal with disappointments & challenges that may arise on their journey such that they live victoriously everyday
  • To celebrate milestone of discovering & designing the victorious life
  • To connect participants with mentors as they transition to implement their life plan and live the victorious life
  • To encourage & equip participants to "pass it on" as mentors/ambassadors