Our Story

The ID Pioneer's Journey

ID Pioneers (Identity Pioneers) is a non-profit, catalytic organization whose primary objective is to pioneer a new future of purpose fulfilment among youths. At the age of 27 years, ID Pioneers Founder, Leiseth Chambers, through a series of life experiences came into deep realization of the significance of understanding her identity and the impact it had on shaping her decisions towards a more enriched, fulfilled lifestyle - LIVING A LIFE THAT MATTERS ON & IN PURPOSE.

Realizing the potency of Identity-based people development, there was a compelling call to support every youth (from as early an age as possible) to discover who they are (their Identity) and their created purpose, given by a purposeful God. ID Pioneers was therefore born out of this conviction in 2017. Having partnered with a dynamic team of purpose-driven leaders and volunteers, ID Pioneers, has, over the last three (3) years, successfully mentored and coached over one hundred & twenty-five (125) youths between the ages of 12 and 25 years, resulting in young men and women connected to their God given DNA and taking conscious steps toward living purposefully and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Core Beliefs

ID Pioneers holds as a core belief that everything and every individual was created for a purpose and to contribute to family, community and society. Ignorance about the purpose or intended use of any person or thing, can result in abuse or misuse of that thing or individual. Ignorance about one’s potential, value, self-worth and capabilities can also lead to a sense of hopelessness in the individual and has resulted in the death of many dreams in youths and children. This ignorance of human beings about purpose and potential leads to many psychosocial and behavioural issues such as are demonstrated within communities and our schools island wide.

There is a direct correlation between the understanding of identity and purpose with the anti- social, undesirable and often dangerous behaviours seen by Jamaica’s youth. The value system adopted by some students in fact models that of parents/guardians who themselves struggle with matters of identity, purpose and self-worth and as the old saying goes, “children live what they learn”. The growing culture of hopelessness, worthlessness, bad-manism, defiance and violence within our education facilities is directly related to the biblical proverb “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. Interventions that deal with identity, purpose and mindset must be prioritized if we are to see true behavior change, it is an inside-out process.