ID Pioneers COVID-19 Link Up - Our COVID-19 link up series saw over 100 participants (Primarily Genz and Millennials) participating in 7 weeks of workshops which were designed to support possibility-thinking, solution orientation and hope even in the midst of the challenges presented by COVID-19. In fact, the series culminated with Mastermind Challenge where participants were challenged to identify a COVID 19 related problem and come up with an implementable solution.

Our COVID-19 Link up was birthed out of a need to support youths to have a hopeful, growth and solution-oriented mindset throughout COVID-19. The key outcome was to support youths to stay true to who they are and why they were created such that they are DIFFERENCE-MAKERS in the midst of COVID-19. They were reminded of the following:

  • Their Identity - Who they are - Creative.
  • Their Purpose - Why they are here on earth - to be & CREATE solutions.
  • Their Potential - What do they have - Creativity (talents, gifts, potential).

It was a seven (7) week Webinar Series of Inspirational Life Skills Conversations targeted at encouraging and empowering Millennials and Gen Z to see OPPORTUNITIES in the COVID-19 CHALLENGE & create solutions as they journey on their Pathway to Purpose.

  • To help them GROW through the pandemic as opposed to just GO through.
  • To help them see the opportunities in the challenges & create solutions for problems.
  • To answer questions that Millennials & Gen Z may have in this season being a novel experience for them.
  • To help youths maintain a hopeful perspective.
  • To help youths identify PRACTICAL ideas on how to LIVE VICTORIOUSLY through COVID-19 in every area of our lives (spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, professionally)