Identity Discovery Programme

Our Identity Discovery Programme includes a one day Identity Discovery Workshop & three months of mentorship. The workshop aims to support youths:

  • have a basic understanding of the concept of identity.
  • identify & be liberated from self-limiting beliefs generated from past experiences & negative declarations from others.
  • experience the freedom & power of standing in the truth about who they are (their identity).
  • continuously choose to display behaviours that are consistent with who they are (their identity).
Key Workshop Activities include:
  • Identify-based vision board - focusing not just on their dreams (end results) but the thinking (mindset), being (behaviours), doing (actions) necessary to accomplish same.
  • New Habits Action Plan - participants write down & put into action a simple plan to develop habits that are consistent with who they are (their identity).
  • Purpose Journals - daily journaling is encouraged to capture challenges and breakthroughs on the journey.
  • The one day workshop is followed by a three month mentorship journey using our PATH model. This provides support, encouragement and accountability for the youths as they develop habits consistent with their identity.